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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

When you use Google, Bing or another search engine to look for something on the Internet, their job is to return you useful results and.give you the best possible answer as quickly as possible. They do this by scanning all the websites they can find, analysing the content and storing the results in a very large database called the index.

The websites are rated for their usefulness, trustworthiness and how quickly the page loads among other things and the results returned to you with the best websites listed on page 1 and others on the following pages.

Search Engine optimisation is the practice of refining your pages and general website so that Google and other search engines see your page as the one of the best results and place it high in the results.

Website Maintenance & Support

How our SEO Optimisation service works

Good SEO optimisation takes time to implement properly and is best treated as an ongoing project.  We start by understanding from you what search phrases (known as keywords) people might use when searching for your product or service. We will then take a look at your existing pages and or posts and see how they are ranking for those keywords.

Between us we will agree what is essentially a “plan of attack”, starting with refining your existing content and moving on to adding content (written by you) that is designed to appeal to people searching for your product.

Around the beginning of each month you will receive a report on the previous months success (or otherwise ) of the keywords you are interested in, this ongoing monitoring and adjustment to strategy is key to success. 

Whats does SEO Optimisation cost

Our SEO optimisation starts service from £40 per month and typically this is enough for most, however, we always provide a confirmed cost so you know where you are.  Before we start and with your agreement we take a look at your WordPress backend free of charge so that we understand if there is any work required or other issues to resolve – if this is required it is charged for on an hourly basis.

Options for our SEO service include competitor monitoring, monitoring multiple search engines and access to a web portal so you can see your status in real time. Larger websites tend to cost a little more simply because of the extra time and attention they need.

Combine WordPress maintenance with SEO Optimisation

You can combine this package with our WordPress maintenance package and save. Our combined packages start from £65 per month.



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